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Features & Benefits

No more bending over to tee another ball.

TEE IT automatic golf systems tee a new ball for you.

Just hit and another ball is brought to the turf, ready for the user to hit.

In automatic mode our systems can tee a ball every 1.5 seconds, allowing the user more time to practice.

All of our TEE IT units are based on a design that has been thoroughly tested in a commercial environment.

Using this as our starting point, we designed units that are pleasing to the eye, yet built to last.


Driving ranges can use TEE IT to improve the flow of customers.

With TEE IT, a golfer will use a bucket of balls up to 3 times faster.

By eliminating the bending over, teeing up balls, and repositioning, the TEE IT improves the golfers practice session and shortens his driving range time.

Professional teachers enjoy the TEE IT because it allows them to teach without continually re-teeing balls.

With the TEE IT the quality of the students practice is greatly improved.


Retailers can use TEE IT to let customers try many new clubs in store and increase sales, as the customers will hit more clubs with more consistency.

Individuals who use the TEE IT indoors or out can practice daily and see significant game improvements.

Now everyone who wants quality practice year-round can with a TEE IT.


Develop Precise Rhythm and Muscle Motion Memory

Produce Extraordinary Results Through Repetition

Fine Tune the Basics of Swing Dynamics

Develop Power, Accuracy, and Fluid Acceleration

The Perfect Teaching Station

Maximize Your Practice Time


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